Universe and Parts of the Universe

Universe and Unexplainable Contents

All of the space-time and it’s content are known as the universe. That contains all forms of energy, matter, and many more unexplainable contents. So however the universe is also a sum total of existence. Or we can say everything that exists, everything that has existed, and everything that will ever exist was and is the part of itself.

The universe is not the only name that as we call it. The cosmology called it Cosmos, the natural laws or the natural philosophy called it Nature and the many world interpretation also called it as the World. As many say,” It all started with a big bang”. Around 13.8 billion years ago the big-bang happened when two stars collided to scattered around the universe to make billions of other stars and that accelerated the expansion of this universe and the world is still expanding as we speak.

Now, here are few of these questions and few near valid answers that may intrigue you.

1. What is the universe part of?

Solar system

The observable universe has a diameter of about 92 billion light-years. Earlier humanity was confined with the idea of the existence of the land, the sea, and the sky itself. Humanity with the growth of technology was able to judge a minor piece of the expanded universe. But there is a humongous chuck still waiting to be explored. And with the growing knowledge and technology, we found out that our solar system was a part of the solar system, and we are part of the Milky way galaxy. And there are millions of other galaxies in the far. Which brings us to the ques-on of the existence of other life forms in them? Intriguing right.

2. What is our position in the universe?

Further observation of galaxies

The number of galaxies in the observable universe is humongous. Earlier exposure to a smaller area in 1995 in the constellation URSA MAJOR revealed about 3000 galaxies, the constellation FORMAX was a home for 10,000 galaxies and in 2012 it was revealed that about 5,500 more of these galaxies were part of these galaxy clusters.

So, an estimate about a pop of the population of galaxies will be roughly 10 trillion. So, who knows where we stand, the first or the last or somewhere in the between the 10 trillion galaxies. With the growth in technology, one must believe in exploring fee trillion more in the coming era.

3. Is there life out there in the universe?

Believing there is no other life from the universe is as lame as believing there is no shark while holding a spoon full of water. The life forms might range from prokaryotes to intelligent begins. Some of them with their own civilization, language, science and pathways of communicating other lite forms.

They may it may not be carbon life forms like us but they may be sapient or sen-ent beings. There were specula-on about alien life form and U.F.O. some of them provided the basic idea of how they may look. Many have speculated too about how they may treat us when confronted but we should ask ourselves how would we react to alien life forms. Would we be hos-le or friendly in nature? We will find the equation once we come face to face. Till then let’s hope they don’t try to take over the planet. Because we don’t have the Avengers the saving parts.

4. Could the universe be just a part of a bigger picture?

The universe we know or that we have already explored is not all of it. There are s-ll more of it to be explored. So as we speak the universe is expanding. Clusters of stars are merging together to be a part of a giant galaxy. And then Planets are formed after a few billion light-years later. We s-ll need to look out for a new system. All we have just explored is the tip of the iceberg. Some believe the universe itself is a sen-ent being that is in mo-on of growth and procreation.

Void, Nega-ve energy, Black holes, stars, planets are just sand grains on the shore of the huge sea called Universe. Living in a 3+1 dimension is still a model we need to discover. The prime universe and mirror universe are also something that raises questions on the existence of the universe.

5. Which is bigger space or universe?

The word space defines itself to be a container holding some mass. The universe which is full of energy, forces, stars, planet, galaxies that have homed itself in the space. With the expansion of the universe, it was proof the space is relatively limitless and enormous amount with the capacity of holding the universe.

It may not be limitless but who knows. Un-l and unless we invent a measure to calculate and explore the limits. We have to believe in its capable of holding our universe. With the growing space technology, we still can’t explain the universe itself and space is the other side of that same coin.

As humans believe space is just an empty realm but it’s not. It holds and contains the universe. So, concluding the debate one should choose the container to be bigger than the mass that has been contained

6. Is our universe apart of a bigger system?

Down sizing of stars and planets

Apparently, speaking that it has always been seen as infinite. But is it? Our galaxy the Milky Way galaxy is huge but our neighbor ANDROMEDA galaxy is relatively larger than the mark. Let’s start marking masses and it’s size in our solar system. Earth is huge but the sun is approximately 1000 times bigger than our earth. And the same happens with our sun. The UY SCUTI a hypergiant with a radius around 1,700 times larger than the sun and it’s not alone in the universe that is dwarfing our sun. There are s-ll stars and planets that have to be discovered yet which are greater in size then UY SCUTI.

So we have to keep looking for a greater system and keep labelling our universe to be part if something much greater realm.

7. Is the universe inside something else?


That may be possible but we are too small and minimal to comprehend this knowledge. It is the universe is a sentient being then planets and the stars and other masses in the universe are relatively atoms in respect to the size of this universe that we think of a sen-ent being.

But, there is otherwise explana-on sta-ng that if the universe were intelligent sen-ent being it would have no ability to announce this to humanity. And doesn’t seem to have a major method of communication. Perhaps, it could be but even if it is we don’t have to instruments to find out. The universe is too big enough for any kind of organized information processing to happen. And a requirement of vast intelligence to comprehend the knowledge about the lively nature.

8. “Presence of zero gravity” A myth or a fact without valid comprehension?

Let’s say the spacecraft was not moving quickly enough when having an escape velocity to get out of the earth. Then it will fall victim to earth’s gravitational field and fall on earth. Even the black hole that is consists of pure dark matter and negative energy has its own gravitational field and a reckoning force. That has a capacity of pulling anything and everything of mass into it.

There could be micro-gravity that have been misleading to zero gravity. But micro-gravity has always been the least amount of force. This force acts like a catalyst in forming a bigger mass. Such as planets, clusters of stars, and in the end the formation of the universe itself.



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