“The pros and cons of having a 6 pack abs”

First of all, what are abs?

Most of us know exactly what they are but for those who are unclear, abs are nothing but muscles. Yes,it may sound surprising but they are our rectus abdominis muscles,which are trained and toned to be visible clearly. They are present in each one of us ,but are not generally visible due to the presence of abdominal fat.

Abdominal muscle aka abs.

Exercises that can makes the abs visible:

  • Plank. An all-time core classic.
  • Reverse crunch.
  • Dead bug.
  • Leg raise.
  • Abs roll-out.
  • Bird-dog.
  • Hanging knee raise.

Now let us move to the pros and cons:


  • You have a 6-pack. congrats, you’ve achieved something 95% of people never will.
  • Clothes fit better, your entire body is more defined.
  • You generally look healthier.
  • Instead of being afraid to take your shirt off in public, you find every excuse to take your shirt off in public (I suppose this could be a con if you value modesty).
  • You’re at a body fat level that is generally better for your health. No need to worry about diabetes, heart disease, etc.


  • You’re hungry, a lot. Assuming we’re talking about an absolutely chiseled 6-pack, you’re probably at a very low body fat %.
  • You think about food constantly.
  • You’re more irritable.
  • You have to say no to social situations that don’t adhere to your diet (within reason, you can afford SOME splurging, but it’s pretty minor).
  • Some people will mistake your chiseled features for you looking like a cancer patient!.
  • You’re WEAK and you probably dread gym sessions.

Personally, i would rather carry a little extra body fat and avoid all the negative mental strains that come with being extremely lean.

I think having a balanced approach to your diet is the way to go!


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