What is an operating system?

An Operating system(OS) is system software that manages the computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer program. OS acts as an interface between the end user and computer hardware. Every computer needs at least one operating system to run application as per requirement. Every application such as MS word, games, chrome, etc., require an environment where it can be run and used with a stability. For hardware function such as input and ouput, memory allocation, the OS act as intermediary between programs and computer hardware.

When it comes to Mobile or smartphones the main the operating system that are used are mostly Android and iOS. These are the most prominent OS that has groped the market. But there are many other open operating systems that are present and developed by many other companies.


Postmaker OS is an underdevelopment OS which is a free and open operating system. It was launched on May 6, 2017, and the source code OS is present in GitLab. The project intended to support mainline Linux kernel on all phones in the future, instead of any outdated android system. The project aims to support Andriod apps through the use of Anbox.

Features Postmaker OS provide are:

  • pmbootstrap, a utility that helps in the process of development with cross-compilation.
  • osk-sdl, a virtual keyboard to allow decryption of a password during startup with full device disk encryption.
  • charging-sdl, an application contained in the initramfs to display an animation when the phone is off or charging.

It is capable of running different X window system and Wayland based on user interface.

Device supports: Google glasses, smart watches, linux based nokia smartphone and many more.


Pure OS is GNU/ Linux distribution focusing on privacy and security using GNOME computer environment. It has merge free open source software package from the Debian testing main archive using a rolling release model. It mostly used by the company Purism in its laptop Librem laptops, computers and now Librem 5 smartphones.

Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu touch is the moble version of the Ubuntu operating system which is being developed by UBport community. It’s interface is written in Qt and the source model is an open source model. The original goal of Ubuntu touch is that to bring Ubuntu touch to laptops, TV, smartphones and make a complete unified experience.


  • In ubuntu touch you can use side stage that is both mobile and tablet apps.
  • Lock screen security
  • Includes all daily based application


Tizen is an Linux based operating system developed by Linux Foundation and it is primarily used by Samsung Electronics. It was originally conceived as an HTML-5 based platform for mobile devices to succeed MeeGo. Initially first Tizen phone was released on Jan 15, 2013 but failed to grow in south asian market.

Despite of Linux based OS but there are some security issues.

Lineage OS

Linage OS is an operating system for smartphones, computers, tablet, and set-up boxes based on android with mostly free and open source software. It was officially launched on 24 december, 2016 with source code available on both github and gitlab. It is actually an android distribution can be called as custom ROM. Lineage OS is an fork of Cyanogen Mod.

It has all the application, softwares, interface as an android.

Sailfish OS

Sailfish OS is a Linux based operating system with open source project. The project is developed by an finnish company called Jolla.


  • Strong OS core
  • Android application compatibility
  • Support ARM and intel Architecture
  • Strong multitasking
  • Strong privacy and personalization


Uses sailfish OS

Kai OS

Kai OS is mobile operating system that is based on Linux which is written in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. It is from an open source comunity driven fork of Firefox OS which was discontinued by Mozilla in 2016.

The main feature of KiaOS bring support for the 4G LTE E, VOLTE, and HTML5 based applications and longer battery life to non touch devices, with optmized user interface.

Devices: Jio Phones, Maxcom, MTN 3g phones, Jazz digit 4G etc.

Harmony OS

Harmony OS is open source operating system develop by Huawei and distributed by Microkernel based. This OS is mostly written in C, C++ computer language. The Harmony OS was released on 9 August, 2019 and it is mostly develop for the internet of things product. Harmony OS version 2.0 which was announced in September 2020 whcih support smartphones, head units, TV etc.


  • Enhanced security .
  • Smooth functionality with low latency.
  • continuity with focus on service logic.

Paranoid android

Paranoid android is an open source operating system for any smartphones and tablets and computers, based on the android mobile platform. In febuary 15, One Plus hired some of the paranoid android team to work on its new OxygenOS. This cause delay in the release of new paranoid android 5.1 update. The new official version is Quartz 5 based on the Android 10.

Some feauture of Quartz 5:

  • OTA support
  • Adaptive playback
  • screen stabality improved
  • SafetyNet
  • Built in screen recorder.
  • FOD support
  • Pulse notification
  • Vibration adaptive UI
  • Improved lock screen security
  • caffiene tile
  • Based of CAF LA.UM.8.2.r1-04200-sdm660.0 tag.
  • And many more….

Device supports:

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