Sometimes in our day-to-day life, we simply use any kind of third-party apps. And the applications mostly ask you to sign up before using them. After few more minutes of use, we just uninstall them without remembering that it access to the email account, you have signed up with.

Third-party apps with account access may have some sensitive data that you should not publicly available or shouldn’t be accessible to everyone on the internet. An example can be given of google accounts information such as email address, profile pictures, contact details if saved, and sometimes fingerprint details too. This information may be used by the app or else can store use later also against you. It is wise to remove apps access to your accounts after using it.

Here, in this guide, you will understand that how can you remove apps, from your previous logged in using google accounts and Facebook accounts.

How to remove apps from google accounts that has access?

Follow these steps given below on your desktop to remove the apps and sites from google accounts

Step1: Launch google chrome on windows or safari in mac or other browser you are using on your desktop.

Step2: Go to or click here to visit the google account security page.

Step3: In the block Third party apps with account access, click on manage third party access .

Google account security
Click on manage third party to get the list of third party app

Step4: Scroll down in the page and choose the apps and sites that you want to remove from your google account.

google account manage third party apps access
Click on the apps you want remove

Step5: Click on the Remove Access button to remove apps from google account. And click OK when you see the popup.

How to remove apps and games that you have given access to your Facebook account?

Have tried to log into the sites or games using Facebook? These sites or gaming apps can use your Facebook data as they want to use it and can store it also. So, if think you want to remove any access to any game or sites then you can remove them. It is just about concerned for your privacy and cybersecurity.

People use Facebook logged in because Facebook login is much easier to use instead of creating new accounts on the apps and games. Anyone can easily log in using Facebook and the account is created, no one required to remember the password and email address for login purposes. But everybody should revoke if you think your shared data is not secured.

Here are the following steps to remove applications and games and websites , if think they are not secured enough to share your data.

Step1: Launch google chrome on windows or safari in mac or other browser you are using on your desktop.

Step2: Login in your account into or click here

Step3: Now go to Setting and Privacy on your Facebook by clicking the arrow in the top right corner.

menu of
Click on the arrow above and on setting and privacy

Step4: In the Setting and Privacy menu, click on Setting.

click on setting in setting and privacy to go to apps and websites
click on setting in setting and privacy

Step5: On the left panel, scroll down to the Apps and Websites settings. Click on it view all the all the logins you have done.

click on apps and websites to get the details and remove app that are login
click on apps and websites to get the details

Step6: Click the box to the game and website you would like to remove. Click remove.

Note: You can contact developer to delete any details they may still have after removal the apps or games or website.


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