The ouija board is commonly called a spirit board or talking board. The ouija board basically marked with some letter(Alphabets), numbers(from 0-9), and some words such as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, sometimes ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ along with some graphics and symbols through which you can communicate in this real world. On the board, there is the use of planchettes which can be used as movable objects to spell out the messages during an attempt to communicate with any spirit.

If you grew up in the US than you can be familiar with the ouija board. The ouija board has its roots in spiritualism Which began in the US in the late 1840s. In 1886 the New York Daily Tribune reported on a new talking board being used in Ohio.

As part of these spiritualist movements, a medium began to employ various means for communication with that dead. It was followed by the American Civil War in the United States, the medium did significant business in allegedly allowing survivors to contact lost relatives.
the mass death in the civil war created a widespread desire to contact the dead and medium began marketing their services in the major cities around the country. ‘Everyone lost a father, a son, an uncle, a grandfather, a cousin ‘. Many families had to grapple with the bodies of their loved ones never been recovered and spiritual devices like the Ouija board answer the questions that no one else could.

Businessmen Elijah bond had the idea to patent planchette sold with the board on which the alphabet was printed much like that previously existing talking board .bond filed on May 28, 1890, for patent protection and there is credited with the invention of the Ouija board. The issue date on the patent was February 10, 1891. He received us patent 4,46,054. Bond was the attorney and was an inventor of other objects in addition to this device.
An employee does cover the talking board production hey namely William Fuld. Fuld started production of his own boards under the name Ouija. When Fuld took over the production of the board, he popularised the more widely accepted etymology that the name came from the combination of the French and German word for the ‘yes’.

ancient Ouija board ever exsisted

paranormal and supernatural beliefs associates with Ouija hey have been criticized by the scientific community and are characterized as pseudoscience. The action of the board can be parsimoniously explained by the unconscious moment of those controlling the pointer a psychophysiological phenomenon known as the ideomotor effect. Some Christian dominations have warned against using the Ouija board holding that they can lead to demonic possession.

Rules need to know

  • Never play alone.
  • Do not play when you are depressed or mentally unstable
  • If the planchette goes 4 corners of the board, it can be bad.
  • Do not let it read 8, as it marked as a bad element.
  • Do not get addicted to the ouija board.
  • Never trust any spirit.
  • Do not try to burn the ouija board.
  • try to light white candles, do not play in full dark sight.
ouija board

According to some history analysers the ouija board was originally used by China dynasty historically known as song dynasty around 1100 AD and has since become knows as a part of the occult with demonic connotation attached to it. The method of using it was known as fuji ‘Planchette writing’. The victorians became great fans of the Ouija board but were discovered to be using tricks and gadgets to elicit activity. According to some authors, similar method of mediumistic spirit writing have been practiced in ancient India, Greece, Rome and medieval Europe.

How to use Ouija board

  • One person will not able to work on ouija. You need to get one more person or group of some person.
  • Most practitioners suggest that to practice it at night.
  • It is more play full if you darken the room and use some candles.
  • The two users should sit facing each other and sitting on knees. Keep the board on your lap instead of the table.
  • everyone can have questions to the spirit but only one user should ask the questions.
  • You and your partner have to place the fingers of both hands lightly on the planchette.
  • Move the planchette around in a circle on the board for a moment.
  • Don’t let the board control your session. The medium should begin with a good experience and negative energy are not welcome.
  • Start with simple questions that require the answer yes or no.
  • Be patient to get the answer. You will not get the answer right away.
  • While the board starts working be polite.
  • Avoid asking stupid questions such as ‘when am I going to die?’. And never trust the spirit.
  • Never ask for physical signs that they are present or not.
  • When you want to close the board, intentionally move the planchette to goodbye and remove your hands.

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