Moments and Incidents that restored faith in Humanity

Humanity is like a ray of light that can tear through void and darkness. When the world is in search of true order, humanity and its true follower has set in the path of bringing the world the order. And creating a path for others to walk on. Some incidents made humans realize that humanity can still breathe and can be nurtured with kindness and can be protected with selflessness and possessiveness for weak and unknown people. whenever the world is engulfed in crime, terror and selfish needs the humanity prevailed as the strongest emotion of all. Here are a few examples of how kindness for the weak and helpless can make this world more orderly and truly beautiful.

1. Amma Idlis For Rs 1 in Tamil Nadu

Amma at 85 solding idli for 1 rupees

K. Kamalathal, the 80-years-old idli seller who never hiked her idli price, and still sells them for re.1
At the age of 80 k.kamalathal has set an example for humans about giving away food for the needy and poor without thinking or wanting anything for herself. Just like any other seller she cooks her idli meal and serves it to the locals and outsiders alike with just a price of Rs 1. she has been doing this for a very long time and has been serving her fluffy and tasty meal from day one. She also sometimes give away food for free to strangers who are poor, homeless, and helpless. She even admitted that money was never something that drove her moto to serve and help people with such good food at such a low price. Kamalathal amma is a true epitome of selflessness and kindness. We salute you amma.

2.Teen with Asperger’s taught his attackers a powerful lesson

Teen with Asperger taught attackers a lesson

Here, a story about a kid who proved kindness got no age barriers. A kid named Gavin Joseph who has Asperger’s and ADHD was beaten brutally by other kids, who were unaware of his condition. Gavin didn’t press charges but he asked them to participate in community service, where they were made to watch videos of such people and their families, who suffer the same condition as Gavin. They were showed the perception of families and people who suffer from Asperger’s and ADHD like Gavin and they realized what damaged, both physically and mentally they have cause to Gavin and his family. Good work Gavin, godspeed.

3. Denmark lady saved a Nigerian kid

Anja Ringgren lady saved saved nigeria kid

Humanity has many forms but the mother’s love is the most valiant and brave form of all. Here a mother’s love and care saved a homeless and dying kid. Anja Ringgren Loven a lady of Denmark saved a Nigerian kid by crossing the barriers of color, creed, and nationality. She adopted the abandoned kid and took care of him, like a true mother, and showered him with care and love. Also, she named him, hope. someone saved hope that day. how ironically true. more power to you Anja.

4. Mission against Human Trafficking

From the clutches of prostitution to being the warrior race of legal jurisdictions. Like many countries all around the world, India also has been fighting sex-trafficking and trying to take down the nexus from the very first of its knowledge. Where girls and kids are sold and bought like items of pleasure and entertainment, few of those brave ones fought through and became leading legal fighters in the nation. These survivors of crime against children have turned their life into a better form and are still fighting for those girls, like them who are still in the hold of prostitution and are truly determined to take down the epicenter of the whirlwind of sex trafficking.

5. Princess Sweden helping people fight Coronavirus

Princess Sofia of Sweden helping people fight coronavirus

We have learned and also have seen that “Power Corrupts a Man “. But a story of a princess who changed the saying and marked a milestone in the act of kindness. Princess Sofia of Sweden joined the first fight in helping people affected by the coronavirus. She attained intense training and intensive knowledge through an online program. And hopped onto the war against this pandemic. she started working at Sophiahemmet hospital, where she is also an honorary chair member. Not a dreamy Disney princess yet a true enigmatic queen leading from the front.


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