What is a cyber attack?

A cybercriminal can be known for any attempt to expose or breach any computer system, to alter, disable, destroy, steal or gain any information which is related to cyberattack offense. A cyberattack can be explained as deliberate exploitation of computer systems, technology-dependent enterprises, and networks. Most often it is found that a cybercriminal can use many ways to attack your system such as malicious code to alter computer code, logic, or data, this may lead to many harsh consequences that can compromise data and state to cybercrime.

In relation to cybercrime and cyberattack, there are other criminal activities that can be related such as cyber warfare or cyberterrorist. An example can be given as of the Year 2018 when Canara bank ATM servers were targeted in a cyberattack. There are almost 50 victims related to this attack and almost 20 lakhs of rupees were decimated from various bank accounts of users of Canara bank. And more than 300 users’ bank account details were exposed. All the transactions were made from every account are from Rs. 10,000 to max of 40,000. The cybercriminals(hackers) used skimming devices to breach the information of different bank accounts. Skimming devices are the devices that look like a part of ATM card reader but it is mostly used to breach the information such as card numbers, pin codes which are then replicated into counterfeit cards.

Skimming devices that you need to be aware of  while using an ATM
Skimming devices

What are the types of cyber attacks?

According to the report of the Data Security Council of India (DSCI), India has been the second-highest most affected country in the world from cyber attacks from 2016 to 2018.

There can be many common types cyber attacks but here we are going to see the top 5.

top 8 types of cyber attacks
Types of cyberattacks that you need to be aware of while using the internet or a computer system
  • Distributed denial of services (DDoS): DDoS is the most powerful way to a cyber attack on the internet. In DDoS, there is a malicious attempt to make interference in the normal traffic of a targeted server, services, or network. DDoS mostly attack online services and targeted websites. Here IoT devices or websites can be infected by suspicious malware which allows them to control remotely by the attacker. These individual devices are called the Bots and a group of the devices is called Botnet.
  • Phishing and Spear Phishing attack: Phishing and Spear-phishing are the common way of attack to the common people even to the big companies fall for it through simple emails. The email is written in such a way that it molds you to click malicious links or attachments or perform some action through the email that has been sent. Phishing emails are sent to a very large chunk of recipients, mostly as random, and it is aspected that a small amount will fall for it. In Spear Phishing emails are more carefully designed to target specifically a single recipient.
  • Man in the Middle(MitM) attack: MitM attacks a type of cyber attack come into you when a felon comes in between the conversation you and an application and making it a normal way of information exchange is underway. The goal is to get personal information such as login ID and password or card details, etc.
  • Malware attack: Malware is the common type of cyber attack in a setup malicious software is installed on your device. The software may contain any specific type of attacks such as ransomware, spyware, command and control, and others. It can come to your device from any untrusted websites, untrustable companies with their products.
  • Password attacks: A password attack is a simple type of cyber attack as it sounds, it is a way where third parties try to gain access to your system by cracking users’ passwords. There is software that the hacker runs in their own system. Programs are made to use many methods to access the accounts and brute force attacks made to guess the password. The simple way to prevent it by Strong Password.

What is cybersecurity?

what is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is the process of protecting the data.
Protect your data with cybersecurity

Cyber security can be referred to the security to an information by practicing different kind of methods of ensuring the ICA(integrity, confidentiality and availability). It is the body technology and processes that protect networks, devices, programs, data from attacks and unauthorized access.

As per the global market, now the world relies on the technologies more than before. In todays world 92% of currency is in digital form. Most of confidential data of businesses and government of some country are on a computer system or in internet. If this data is not secured properly than it can networked all over the world. A data breach can devastating for any business or government of a country. To improve the security of data we need adopt and implement different methods of cyber security.

Common types of cyber security

  • Network security
  • Data loss prevention(DLP)
  • Cloud security
  • Intrusion Detection system(IDS) or Intrusion prevention systems(IPS)
  • Identity and Access Management(IAM)
  • Antivirus/anti-malware

Top cyber-attack 2020


twitter accounts data breached of several such as joe biden, barack obama etc.

The popular social media company Twitter has the worst cyber data breach. In the attack, many high-profile Twitter accounts were hijacked by the attacker. Later twitter confirmed that the attackers stole employees’ credentials and gained access to the company’s internal management system. The attackers used the accounts to tweet out the bitcoin scam and earn over $100,000. After two weeks 3 suspects taken under custody and charged with several acts.



Training and awareness are needed and important for common people to understand as their personal data, privacy is at risk in this digital world. Cyber security is more than a IT sector.


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