Career as a game developer

Game development is the process of making video games. A game developer carries out the programming involved in producing a video game. They are also called programmers while designers come with the concept into an actual playable product through computer code.

The game developer is mostly seen walking in the team to help make the idea for a game to come to life. The work prior to setting up a game include creating a story, outlining the design, and creating a prototype giving sound effect assuring the quality. The gaming industry is notoriously a very volatile industry with hey abundant layoffs. It is a unique industry to be a part of it. In this industry, you basically create a world for others to play in so that can escape into the world of your creativity in every sense. Indeed a professional or a hobbyist anyone with a drive can become a game developer.

As a game developer you can get into many job profiles that are following:

  • Game Programmer
  • Game artist
  • Audio Engineer
  • Voice over
  • Project manager
  • Game Publisher
  • Quality Assurance Tester

Skill Requirement as a game developer

  • Efficient IT skills
  • well found in problem-solving aptitude
  • Time management
  • creativity and artistic awareness
  • communication skills

Advantages of game developer:

  • There is the growth of the industry day by day. Simultaneously, day by day competitiveness is also growing in the gaming industry.
  • High payment – In the USA a game developer earns up to $68,000 per year, as a rewarding career.
  • fulfill your dreams: You can have a good career and development in yourself if you have a hanger in this gaming industry.

Disadvantages of game developer:

  • Instability: In this gaming industry, companies may go out of business at any point in time. On average teams are shuffled as soon as their project is over.
  • stressful: Often, people as game developers have very pressure particularly with the deadline.
  • Exhausting: You have to be particular about working hours and deadlines. Sometimes, the working hours can be exhausting.
  • Unbalanced: This job is not for 9 to 5 working people. Mostly, you have to work unpredictable hours a day.

Design games without coding

As the world is getting easier with the technology the free game making software available online, Anyone can take the conquest to design the tool for ultimate entertainment. It is well known that coding for games is one of the hardest things to learn in a lifetime. Thankfully, hey technology has made it possible even for a layman to design their own video games in the shortest time as possible.

Here are some of the softwares available online for game designs:

Unity Game Maker

Unity Game Maker
Unity Game Maker

Perhaps none of the tools has as much as growth in use and popularity as unity. Unity note only supports an incredible library of platforms, but it also comes with its own built-in IDE. It is also used to make both 3D and 2D games and boasts a massive store of assets and resources.

Due to its popularity as a game making software for beginners different video tutorials are available for you to get accustomed to unity games maker’s working. It has the biggest export support among top game developers. it provides compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even gaming consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Game developers can access high definition models and setting while working with unity game maker. Unity game maker has an asset store where developers can access resources such as enhanced network entity and much more.

It provides a unique experience of creating augmented reality-based and virtual reality-based games. Unity free game making software is suitable for students and beginners. Unity game makers also offer paid subscription plans also.

GameMaker Studio

Gamemaker studio game development software allows developers with no coding knowledge to create games using it’s a drag and drop feature game makers free game making software run on a language like the C programming language -Gamemaker’s inbuilt language. GML language of this game making software help non-coders executes their ideas into reality in minutes.

GameMaker Studio
GameMaker Studio

The best part is that Gamemaker does come with a built-in scripting language that allows people with some programming experience to do more with the tool. This makes game makers perfect for those looking to get familiar with a game creation program in hope that they can continue learning more and not run into limitations of other programs.

After developers have created their game using Gamemaker Android game making software, they can publish it across different platforms without the need for any modification. Gamemaker free game making software keeps releasing upgraded versions of its software with an add on utilities to make entertaining games.



GamerSalad is similar to Gamemaker in that it allows you to make published games on several platforms as well as having its own intuitive Drag and drop interface that’s easy for anyone to use. Most impressive is the behavior library which allows developers to implement complex behaviors that’s someone without coding knowledge would have to hard time executing if they had to use a computer language.

Thousands of games have been already made via GameSalad and most of them have ever been successful in the mobile market. Most have ranked among the top 100 games in the play store.

It stacks a large amount of data searches character action and items into tables and arrays which the user can read and write onto. Developers can utilize features such as in-app purchases and ads to generate money from their designed games.


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