Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theory & Consequences

When explanation for an event or occurrences with the least probable that a group of people with political means influence that certain event for their own benefit is called a “Conspiracy Theory”. These conspiracy theories are mostly based on falsification and false accusations of a person or an event. History has always been acted as a page that is full of incidents that theories and proves events that such conspiracies have done more harm than good to the society and its norm. This series’ of conspiracy has rooted itself in humans day to day life and has made its way through history in the form of witchcraft, wars, and genocide.

Here are some events and examples that prove conspiracies and events theories that show how it acted as a catalyst in the downfall of humanity a few times and affected the norms.

1. New World Order Theory

How would you feel when you get to know that your nominal head of Government is just puppets of a higher authority, Elite group, industries, and media organizations. With a near true or complete false concept of establishing peace and harmony. Such organizations alleged to be part of the plot include the Federal Reserve System, the Council For Foreign Relations, Bohemian Grove, Le Cercle, etc.

The Discordian hoax has resulted in their world’s foremost conspiracy theories that Illuminati are covertly promoting the positions in New World Order. A musician like Beyoncé and  Whitney Houston are also conspired to be a part of this mysterious organization.

2. Espionage

Here is an alluring and existing theory about Israel using animals to conduct espionage and for attacking certain targeted people. This is also a matter of interest for a few when a series of shark attacks in Egypt happened in 2010.

Anatoliy Golitsyn
Anatoliy Golitsyn

Another case was brought into light when numerous person including former MI5 officer Peter wright and Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn alleged a former British prime minister Harold Wilson for a K.G.B spy.

Malala Yousafzai has alleged to be a western spy and actor Robert de Niro disguised as an Uzbek homeopath doctor for that certain Mission.

3. U.F.O Conspiracy Theory

Ufo conspiracy theories

Alien life has always been in the lime light of conspiracy theorists. Sightings of U.F.Os and alien life have always been an important subject that has intrigued many minds all around the world. Some of the foremost concerns of this theory are the infamous Roswell UFO incident and activities at Area 51.

Incidents like multiple reports of dead cattle with the absence of blood and body parts in 1968. “ Ancient Astronaut” is believed to be a race of extraterrestrial beings who came to Earth around 500,000 years ago. They are believed to be assisted humans to develop culture and civilization. They too helped humans building a few architectures around the world. Which seems impossible in recent times with the latest technology and advanced science.

4. Conspiracy Theory in Sports

Theorists say that the first Ali-Liston fight and the second Bradley – Pacquiao fight was rigged and fixed. Another incident was the disappearance of the racehorse of Irish bread shear in 1983. And mafia, IRA, and Gaddafi were also speculated to be involved.

Nba conspiracy

The “Frozen envelope theory” says that Nation Basketball Association was rigged its 1985 draft lottery because of which Patrick Ewing would have joined New York Knicks. Such incidents had clearly sported some vision about conspiracy theory in sports but they cannot be said true for the lack of evidence and no amount of witness. Just like other theories this too seems to be fake and a hoax.

5. Illuminates


“Illuminatis” is a group of various powerful and influential people with immense power over the Government and the world’s economy. This community’s motive and ambition were to defect superstition, obscurantism, and abuse of state power. But no one knows the true meaning or motives of this group. No one knows what they desire by manipulating the world and its assets. They could be evil.

They are lurking in the shadows, They are waiting for the right time to come out of the shadows to take over the power again, They have to mastermind events and painting agents in government and corporations for their dream of establishing a New World Order. Media and tabloids have been used as levers and strings to be pulled for such manipulation.

6. Theory about Medicine


The pharmaceutical industry has deliberately suppressed natural cures. The Food and Drug Administration has the power and also believed to be an essential part of this nexus. This was approved by the University Of Chicago in 2013. It is believed in 1930 the HIV was transferred from monkeys to humans. There is evidence that exists that KGB, but it was disseminated as a fake notion in the 1980s.

Even the latest pandemic the “COVID” was also believed to be part of a bio-warfare that was conceived by the American and Chinese governments. The virus was believed to be engineered and was declared to be stolen.



Some theories and theorists have acted as a whistleblower and some have effected the society positively and optimistically. But it has also damaged much human life and society in general. Hoaxes like mentioned in this article just were the tip of the iceberg. There is more of it to be explored and needed to be unveiled to the human eyes. Society needs to understand the nature of such conspiracies. They will do more damage than good to this society and humanity.


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