Class Of 83 Netflix Movie Review, Bobby Deol Best

Class of 83 id the latest movie released in Neflix Starring Bobblt Deol As policeman. Here the complete review + Story of the movie.

Class of 83 movie starring Bobby Deol as Lead role, now available on Netflix. The movie is based upon the book with the same name “Class of 83”. The movie gathering lots of attention because of his story, execution, and great work. The movie got a 9/10 rating on the IMDb to date.


The movie shows the story of Bombay that how gangsters taking control of people with the help of politicians. Vijay Singh(Bobby Deol) playing a role of an honest brave policeman who gives all his contribution to stop crime in Bombay but, the gangster with the help of Politicians give Vijay Singh as Punishment posting in Nashik Police training center. Where he trained his first batch and picked out 5 policemen and trained them like Assasin to fight against the gangster. The movies go on with lots of actions and drama but at last they all able to kill the two gangs and make Bombay crime-free.


The movie also shows the life of policemen as Vijay Singh who gave their all for the country and makes a crime-free world, but how they miss playing the part of a responsible family man. As in the Movie, Vijay Singh lost his wife when he was an operation to catch the Gangster kalshekhar.


This is one of the best movies of Bollywood and Bobby Deol. Bobby Deol as Vijay Singh is fantastic he plays the high intense role with such simplicity is appreciable. The 5 Policeman who was trained by Vijay Singh is playing an extraordinary role and they all are fantastic.

The best thing about the movie that they portrait the movie as we are in 1983 and they did this very well. The background music, action, and locations all are awesome to watch, that is the reason why the movie getting lots of appreciation.

One of the thing that many people will not notice that the way story is narrated its makes the movie more interesting apart from these the scenes form Nashik Police training center also makes the movie more interesting. This is one of the movies you should not miss go ahead and watch it.

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