Have you ever seen two different musical worlds combining? By different, I mean ROCK AND CLASSICAL. Its exactly like two opposites attracting. If you haven’t then now is the time. Introducing BANDISH BANDITS:



  • DIRECTORS-Anand Tiwari
  • PRODUCERS- Payal Sachdev, Amrit Pal Singh
  1. Shreya Chaudhary as Tamanna
  2. Ritwik Bhawmik as Radhe
  3. Naseeruddin Shah as Pandit Radhemohan Rathore
  4. Sheeba Chadda as Mohini
  5. Kunal Roy Kapur as Argya and many more.

RELEASE DATE : Bandish Bandit Amazon Prime will release on August 4.

IMPORTANT NEWS: SHANKAR MAHADEVAN makes his big OTT debut with this series and the music is awesome.


As we all know rock and classical are two different or i can say, the opposites in the musical industry. But this is a story which will show you how both music forms can combine and be helpful to each other. The people in this story who will be doing this are TAMANNA AND RADHE.

Tamanna is a rock singer who wants to be internationally known and wants to be the best in her field.

Radhe is a classical singer who also wants to prosper to great heights in his field for which he wants to be trained by the great Pandit Radhemohan Rathore.

Now Tamanna is going through a rough phase as her songs are going flop and the contract with Arghya will be cancelled if she doesn’t give a hit. So during this time she meets Radhe and very soon identifies his talent. During this time Radhe is indulged in learning from his master and he is not a great admirer of any other form of music other than classical.

But somehow Tamanna convinces Radhe to do a song with her for which she enacts to be her girlfriend so that Radhe can completely indulge in the song and make this album big. Now, this combination of classical and rock blows everyone’s mind and they end up making a band together known as the BANDISH BANDITS.

During this they both fall in love, but when Radhe’s guru gets to know about this gets angry and symbolizes Radhe as a traitor for their culture. Due to which Radhe leaves Tamanna.

Now whats happens next cannot be said to you as that would ruin the enjoyment.


  • Great work by all actors and crew.
  • Cinematography is on point.
  • This will be a great musical experience.
  • This year’s best Musical Drama and Lovestory.
  • A great storyline.

So lets see how the Bandish Bandits season 1 does and whether the audience like it or not.


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