In short, I liked it. 

Well, lets be honest, the trailer was good. But even if they had shown the 11 seconds between 1:34 and 1:45 it would still have sold it to any Batman fan.

Now, hours after seeing it I still visualize the block with the right, block with the left, punch, then how he basically hammered the thug to the ground leaving his crime buddies in shock and awe. Everything actually looks enticing and good.

And the meat saved for last was of course Matt Reeve’s Batman. From what I can see, Matts Reeves is borrowing tools and inspiration from many different areas of Batman’s history while infusing his own take on the mythos.

This trailer, what it does best is details. Throughout the trailer, it was all details. If you can’t tell, Reeves is hinting at a specific villain of Batman, and I am SIKED. And how Reeves use subtle aspects and details to familiarize with his vision of Gotham and Batman is nothing short of stellar. Oh yeah, and that beat-down scene. NICE

His suit is nice, his car is jacked, everything looks and feels like Gotham, the trailer feels familiar yet new at the same time. There are only two problems I have.

What the fuck happened here ? Did Robert Pattinson went to a goth party? Why the hell does it look like Bruce Wayne is preparing for some cultist ritual. And also this,

Robert just doesn’t look like Bruce. He doesn’t look like him at all.

Here he actually makes a decent Bruce Wayne visually. Clean cut jaw, slick combed hair, classy Eastern NJ boy look. Not whatever I just saw in the trailer.

Overall though, very excited with what Reeves has in store. The classic batman music,the ambient darkness,the uncanny silence. We all missed this gotham. The other parts were good, they teased a good story, but that was raw, unexpected and most of all real. This is how Batman deals with criminals overall a classic batman movie.

Feeling better about the movie. Can’t wait .


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