We all like to travel. But sometimes on the streets,we find ourselves in some difficult situations.Be it after hitting a standing car,or being hit lightly from behind while being parked. Sometimes we do not even know about whose mistake it is in the first place. So,here i will try to share some street traffic tips. About the things one should do when they find themselves in any of these conditions:

Scenario 1: You were stationary and a vehicle hit you from behind.

Don not even look back if you are still on or in your vehicle. Damage is not probably worth the time. Just raise your hand in the gesture equivalent to “It’s OK”.

If the person still comes out of his vehicle to fight you, size him up and beat some mind into his stupid skull – you will be doing a favor to society. Don’t worry once you fight back these bullies, they cave.

Scenario 2: You have hit a vehicle from behind.

Again raise a hand in a gesture to say sorry, that is what a smart person who values time and society will do.Offer to pay for the damages and exchange number.

If the other person wants to fight or starts abusing you, then do not give him your number but offer to pay. If you can’t pay just abuse back to save some money. Take a hit and move on. That is what a poor but smart person will do.

Scenario 3: You do not know whose mistake it is.

If you are a smoker just light a cigarette and also offer one to the other party. Ease the tension and then talk – Key is to calm down. Remember – one who lights up is the one who puts off the fire.

In case of a non-smoking scenario, the one travelling with family will have a disadvantage, try not to ruin it for a fellow human, just ask for the repair money, but nicely.

Pro tip: NEVER get into road rage with Women, crowd will always be against you.

Smart Tip: 99% of the time, irrespective of “whose mistake”, just do no get into road rage.

Be smart out there.


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