Scientist develop a material to purify Seawater

A new material MOF has been developed by the global research team to purify the saline or seawater to drinking water for daily use by common people.

MOF that is Metal-Organic Framework is a type of technique that can be used as purifying the salty or saline water to pure drinkable water in just 30 mins with the help of sunlight. With the increased population and water pollution, there is an increase in water scarcity across the globe. However, the scientist of the global research team has developed a new technology MOF that can convert salty water to safe consumption water.

What is MOF?

The metal-Organic framework is basically a class of compounds that consists of metal ions. These are hybrid crystalline porous material that consists of an array of positive-charged metal surrounded by organic linker molecules. The metal ions form a cage structure by nodes that form the arms of the linkers together by repeating. Hence, there is a hollow structure is formed in large areas in MOF.

In a study, it was found that MOFs are so porous that it can actually consume the entire surface football field into a teaspoon space. According to these properties, researchers develop a type of MOF called PSP-MIL-53. This MOF is made of Poly(Spiropyran acrylate) synthesis specialized for its breathing effect through the pores of MIL-53.

MOF based technology that is used to harvest water from air.

The technology can breakthrough the world’s most epidemic problem for humans that is water scarcity. Usually, it can filter the harmful particles and generate at least 139.5 ltr of water per kilogram of MOFs everyday. It is more efficient for desalination of water which is the process of removing the minerals components from saline or seawater.

The scientists were able to achieve a TDS of less than 500 ppm in less than 30 minutes of 139.5 liters of water after filtering 2,233 ppm of water sourced from the river. Likewise, it also regenerates the MOF used under the sunlight in just four minutes.


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