Google Free Certification Course On Artificial Intelligence

Google Summer Internship

Google offering a Free certification course on Artificial Intelligence on his Digital platform Google Digital. If you are a student and looking for a free certification course during this lockdown then this is the best you can utilize in the present time.

About the Course

The goal of the course is to demystify Artificial Intelligence(AI). It provides a gentle introduction to the basics that enables you to understand what is possible, and what isn’t, and to recognize how AI is affecting our lives.

After the course, you will be able to define and discuss AI, be critical about AI-related clims, explain the underlying technologies including machine learning and neural networks and understand the major implications of AI.

Course Detail

Modules – 6
Hours – 30
Level – Beginner
Cost – Free

How it Works/Process

Be Prepared to dig deep

Completing the course will require some work. To truly understand the content, expect to study and review all sections carefully.

Get in Group Study

Your chances of completing the courses are significantly better if you study with friends, colleagues, or the ELements of the AI community on Spectrum. We also encourage participating in online discussions.

Earn a Certificate

For getting the certificate, you need to complete at least 90% of the exercise right, which include multiple choice quizzes,numerical exercises, and questions that require a written answer.

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