Telegram new features: 2 GB File Sharing capabilities and many more

Facebook-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp’s rival app Telegram has started rolling out a new version to its popular messaging app that brings a host of new features. The company has revealed that it is rolling out around 10 new features to the app with the latest v6.3′.0 update.

New features of Telegram are:

  • Profile Videos: users can upload their video to make it their profile display media, instead of having to stick to a picture.
  • enhanced Photo & Video editor: In this feature, there is improved video and photo editor that allows users to soften the skin in the media editor when it is taken from the front camera. Furthermore, for Android users cropping and rotating of the videos in the editor is also available now.
  • improved People Nearby: In this feature, the users would now also be able to find out the distance between them and any of their deleted contacts.
  • Mini-Thumbnails: the mini-thumbnails feature allows users to have an idea of what media is in a message right away.
  • Group Stat: Owners of groups that have more than 500 members would now be able to view detailed graphs about the group’s activity and growth. Moreover, these stats would also display a list of top members, based on the number of messages each user sends, and it would also give out the average length of the messages.
  • New Animated Emojis
  • Multiple Accounts on Telegram Desktop: The Desktop version of Telegram would now also support multiple accounts much like the mobile app.
  • 2 GB File Sharing capabilities: Since 2014, Telegram allowed its users to share files of up to 1.5 GB per file, but now with the new update, the messaging platform increased this limit to 2 GB for any file type.


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