Netflix 83 years free subscription!

Netflix released The Old Guard movie starring Charlize Theron last week. Theron plates Andy, one of the oldest and most seasoned immortals who has to save her crew. To celebrate the new Netflix Original, the streaming service is offering the ‘Immortal’ Netflix account. Netflix announced a new offer where you can get 83 years or 1,000 months of subscription to its platform for free. All you have to do is get the highest score in ‘The Old Guard’ videogame.

After the release of The Old Guard, Netflix introduced a browser-based video game that you can take part in starting Friday through Sunday. You play as the Labrys-wielding immortal whose mission is to defeat hordes of enemies.

The competition will be held for three days that are7/17/20, 7/18/20, and 7/19/20 on, whoever reigns as 1st once the three-day timer runs out will take home the Immortal Netflix Account. “But just like in the movie, dying is not the end. Getting killed only slows you down, so to get the highest score, you have to defeat enemies without getting hit, and as quickly as possible,” Netflix stated. If you end up with the highest points after the three-day timer, you can do away with the Netflix subscription fees for a lifetime.

You can visit the game here and join the race to 83 years worth of Netflix subscription. It’s also worth noting that the competition is open only to the users in the US. The contest ends on July 19.


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