25 mobile apps Remove from the Play Store: stealing data from Facebook users

Google has once again removed 25 mobile apps from the Play Store by taking major action. Google has taken this action regarding data theft. They were stealing data from Facebook users.

List of the apps:

  1. Super Wallpaper Flashlight
  2. Padenatef
  3. Wallpaper Level
  4. Contour level wallpaper
  5. iplayer & iwallpaper
  6. Video Maker
  7. color wallpapers
  8. pedometer
  9. Powerful flashlight
  10. Super bright flashlight
  11. Super flashlight
  12. solitaire Games
  13. Accurate scanning of QR code
  14. Classic card game
  15. Junk file cleaning
  16. Synthetic Z
  17. File manager
  18. Composite Z
  19. Screenshot Capture
  20. Daily Horoscope wallpapers
  21. Wuxia Reader
  22. Plus weather
  23. Anime Live Wallpaper
  24. iHealth Step Counter
  25. com.tqyapp.fiction

These apps have been downloaded over 2.5 million. Many of these apps were on the Google Play Store for the last two years.

 when these apps are downloaded and opened on the phone, these apps used to detect those apps which have been opened recently. After this, as soon as they got a Facebook app, they used to launch a fake page of Facebook login. In such a situation, the users felt that he was logging into the actual Facebook app, while he was logging on the fake Facebook page. After this, these apps used to steal users’ IDs and passwords. Once the data was received, these hackers could make any changes in your Facebook app.

 Most of these apps were related to video editing, flashlights, and wallpapers. Of these, apps like Super Wallpapers Flashlight and Padenatef have been downloaded by people more than half a million times.


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