Whatsapp Upcoming New Features!

Whatsapp is an American freeware, cross-platform messaging, and voice over IP service owned by Facebook Inc. Whatsapp has now more than 2 billion active users throughout the world. With the increase in demand of users, Whatsapp needs to improve its user experiences. Whats has now very new intelligent features for the upcoming version of the Whatsapp which are spotted in the beta version of the Whatsapp and can be rollout soon i9nto the main app.

In the beta stage many features have been found as per the development as concerned tested by Facebook messenger owned Whatsapp.

  • Multi-device access

Whatsapp may launch the feature for multi-device access which has been spotted in the beta version of Whatsapp in Android and iOS. This allows users to access the account through any four devices at the same time. Now we are using only one account for only one device and for web Whatsapp that for PC only one system is allowed to access.

  • Search by date

Well, it is very irritating to scroll-up to read old messages that you required at that point in time in a chat group. Whatsapp may allow a feature to reach a message directly through the date it has been messaged. The feature may arrive in iOS first and can be followed by android.

  • Storage usage

In Whatsapp, there are hundreds of messages in the form of voice, videos, and images that can easily fill up your storage easily. Now Whatsapp is testing for storage feature which helps in sorting files in case of size, new and old files, and also letting users find the large files and forwarded files.

  • Clear except starred

Whatsapp is coming with the new option of starring important messages. This may allow the users to clear the non-important messages with one Tap.

  • ShareChat integration

Whatsapp may include and integrate with the ShareChat app which is a media player for the videos. It is quite famous in India with monthly 60 million active users. It will allow users to spend more time Whatsapp and can share the videos without leaving the app. But the feature takes time to roll out in the digital market.


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