Betaal Netflix India WebSeries: The Honest Review

Betaal websereis

Netflix India has recently come up with a brand new web series “Betaal”. Betaal is a horror fiction web series and the first episode was premiered on 24 May 2020. The web series consist total of 4 episodes in the first season and may come up with a new season in the near future.

The cast of the web series includes Vineet Kumar Singh as Vikram Sirohi, Aahana Kumra as Ahluwalia, Suchitra Pillai-malik as Commander Tyagi it can be said that they all have the equal part in the series and all the character not mentioned.

Story Recap

So basically this is the story of a clash between the Indian Force named Baaz squad and the ghosts. The Baaz Squad rescue people and help the government to implement new things in the underdeveloped areas. The government wanted to build a highway in the underdeveloped village area.

The problem arises when the villagers don’t agree to leave their place so the Baaz Squad forcefully remove all the villagers but the villagers don’t anted to open the tunnel to build a highway across their because they believed in the tunnel their exist a supernatural power or ghosts they believed that they’re a 160-year-old British army dead souls are there and guess what the villagers are right and the Baaz Squad has fought with ghosts.

Web Series Review

First of all when we talk about the cast performance then they are awesome they did a splendid job. The story of the Betaal web series shows the typical Indian beliefs in myths of dead souls. Once again these Indian web series failed to produce some extraordinary thing. In this modern nobody wanted to see that the dead bodies of 160 years ago have come up like ghosts, these types of story is unaccepted by the youths.

There are many things which can be noted down in the web series the director of the web series never tries in the whole web series to confirm that they are ghosts or zombies. While watching I also remembered the web series the vampire diaries. So the story and execution are the total failures there can be many more good things that can be done in the web series.

These superstitious web series or movies are not much interesting in nowadays there are many web series coming nowadays which are far better and interesting. The rating of the web series is not also up to mark it got 5.3 IMDb ratings.

Betaal Trailer

The only thing which is very much interesting in the web series is the background music or sound which will attract you to watch the web series.


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