TikTok vs Youtube: TikTok Rating Falls in Google Play Store

Youtube Vs TIktok
TikTok RatingFallen Down

TikTok rating is gradually fallen down to 2.0 from 4.6 after the virtual battle of Youtube vs TikTok. Before few weeks if you have checked the rating of TikTok it was 4.6 and it has fallen down to almost 2.0 because many people giving one star to the application after the virtual fight take place between two application YOutube vs Tiktok.

TikTok is a short video making platform where many people from the world make videos to showcase their talent. A few weeks ago virtual fight rises between the youtube users and Tiktok users. The controversy initially started when one of the famous YouTuber roasted TikTok after that many users from TikTok make videos against the YouTuber. But after the fight, it seems TikTok has to pay much because its rating fell like anything.

The matter ignites up when the most loving Indian Roaster/Youtuber Carry Minati roasted the TikTokers. He made the video named TikTok Vs Youtube: The End. The video breaks many records after the release and many YouTubers appreciated carry for this video.

The problem arises when Youtube removes Carry Minati Vidoe from youtube giving a reason for Cyberbullying. This is the time when Carry fans started trolling TikTok more and all the people from the country started giving one star to the Application in PlayStore.

The thing to learn from all these whether you make videos on any platform the thing you have to keep in mind don’t spread nonsense and don’t mislead the young generation from your videos.


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