Thappad | Tapsee Pannu Best Movie | Why To Watch Thappad Movie 2020

Why To Watch Thappad Movie | Movie Review

This movie gives a silent slap to our society’s old-age belief ” Shaadi ma Sab Kuch Chalta h ” but the movie gives a strong reason to start thinking on these topics. This movie represents all those women who live in a married life who sacrifices her dreams happiness for his family and after doing all these does she deserved violence or the is she needed to sacrifice her dreams etc.

Tapsee Pannu never fails to play her part she is best to watch in the movie as always. The movie has good stuff such as family drama, background music, and the dialogues. The most important thing is the motive of the movie which should be appreciated by all of us.

Now the time has come where all the peoples have to come out from the old age belief what we think about girls or women. This is the era where everyone deserves respect and the right to do his interest. There is no reason to restrict someone from doing something.

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