Largest Ozone Layer Hole Heals itself: Reports 2020

Ozone Layer

During the time when the whole world is suffering from COVID-19 and trying their best to overcome the situation in the meanwhile nature is healing himself by different means. As in the whole world, production has been stopped no industries or companies are working nor too many vehicles are running on the ich leads to control and reduce pollution rates.

In the 1970s scientists discovered that Ozone Layer has been depleted due to the harmful man-made activities which can lead to a threat to human civilization. The Ozone layer absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet rays and shields the planet from the harmful radiation that can cause skin cancer.

Recent days, Scientists have confirmed that the largest hole in the Earth’s ozone layer over the arctic has closed. Reports say that the hole which was of 1 million Square Kilometers wide has now healed itself. The news was reported a confirmed by Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service(CAMS) and THe Copernicus Change Service(CCS) and also by the European Centre For Medium-Range Weather Forecast.

The report says that the reason behind the healing of a wide hole in the ozone layer is high altitude current which brings the cold air. The scientist also stated that the ozone layer hole doesn’t heal due to the reduction of pollution during the time.

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