Bhaukaal MX Orginals : Web Series Review 2020


MX originals have come up with one of the intense real-life stories of Bhaukaal. Bhaukaal Web series draws lots of attention after releasing all the episodes the execution of the web series is perfectly done. After Mirzapur, this is similar to that but this time they come up with a new real-life instance of the place Muzaffarpur.


Muzaffarnagar is well known as the crime capital of India in early 2001 the were two gangs, Shaukeen Gang and Pintu Dedha gang. Police have no role to play there because the crime rate is high policemen are also scared of them. No one has the courage to stop the crime done by these two gangs. Then come the new IPS Navin Shekhawat who is a courageous and brave policeman who fights against these two gangs and he and by the help of his they possibly reduce the crime rate and able wipe out the two gangs.


Since this is the real life-based story so you can not expect much more rather than the action and execution of the story, so the execution is good enough to get a high rating and all the characters chosen are best in their place. Apart from all that the location is good enough to describe the story, yes it can be said that if the background will get a little fewer marks. After all, you can stream it for free no money required to watch on Mx player so go ahead and give your time.

if you want to watch the review in video format where you can visualize and get more fine details. Watch the above video.


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