Special Ops Web Series Review: Hotstar VIP Specials


Hotstar has come up with a brand new web series named as Special Ops. This web series is premiered in Hotstar on 17th March 2020. All the episodes are out and it consists of a total of 8 episodes. Special ops attract lots of attention and appreciation for a wonderful work by the whole crew and cast. This web series will remind you of web series like Bard of blood, The Spy and etc. As the name suggests special ops the web series has some extraordinary secret cops who helped Indian organizations(RAW) to catch terrorists.


So the story begins with the attack in the Indian parliament in 2001 by some terrorist organization. The attack has given an impact on Indian Intelligence and raised a question on its capabilities. The investigation takes place and different results came out Himmat Singh come up with a strong outcome that there is a total of 6 numbers of terrorists and only 5 are caught and one is still free. Himmat Singh is unable to prove his investigation and people thought that this is only a theory no 6th terrorist was there. So Himmat Singh comes up with his team of five members and they all are specialized in their skills. He investigated 19 years and at last, h proved there is 6th terrorist in parliament attack named Ikhlakh Khan. This is not simple as you are reading Himmat Singh and his team has to give lots of effort to find Ikhlakh khan and to kill him. The real mystery and suspense in the web series are who is Ikhlak khan and whether he exists or not.

Farukh one of the important agent of Himmat Singh who put all his effort to find Ikhlak Khan. Meanwhile, you can also see a bit of family drama of Himmat Singh where you will watch a pretty love story of Himat Singh and his wife and daughter.


  • Of course, the direction of the web series is appreciable and at the same time the execution which refers to the continuation of parallel stories. Himmat Singh narrates the past stories at the present time which makes it more interesting.
  • All the characters are good to play their roles specially Farukh and Himmat Singh.
  • Lots of positives after watching the movie, for example, the character of Himmat Singh which sets the example of personality such as patience, calmness and etc.
  • The family drama of Himmat Singh also makes it a bit interesting.


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