Is Virat Kohli Compatible For Batting At No.4

The 1st ODI match is already played between India and Australia and results are not in the favor of India. There are many reasons behind the loss of the match by 10 wickets, the opening pair failed to give a good start but at number 3 KL Rahul and Shikhar tried to accomplish a partnership but they both are failed to execute the good start to the milestone. We all have expectations from Rishabh Pant and eagerly waiting for his blow. Last match Rishab Pant Failed to utilize the opportunity. The question also arises that does “MS Dhoni” Should be played in place of him. At one time India was 134/2 and they lost 4 wickets in 30 runs and they are 160/6. After winning the series against Srilanka and West Indies Indians fans expect more from team India playing against a strong team like Australia.

Virat Kohli At No.4

As in the last match, Virat Kohli was batting at no.4 which was a total failure. We all know Virat Kohli performance when batting at number 3 he has an average of 63.4 scorings almost 10,000 runs and while batting at number 4 he has an average of 55.2 which is not good as number 3. The only reason Virat Kohli should play at N0.3 is he has the ability to convert a good start to milestone while when we see the other players most of the time they failed to capitalize the good start. It is good to do the experiment but when you play against the strong line up like Australia you have to do the small and basic things right.

Middle Order Collapse in 1st ODI

The middle-order has collapsed like anything, this is not the 1st time we have seen Indian Team middle order has collapsed after the failure of openers. The selection team of BCCI should really work upon and should give them opportunities to the deserving ones. Indian cricket fans are eagerly waiting to see the Indian cricket team performance against a strong team like Australia. There are many players who should be tried in middle order like Dinesh Kartik, Ajinkya Rahane and more.

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