Huawei Wi-Fi 6 Powers ACT

In India, there is a rapid development of mobile internet and there is a popularity of a different type of smart terminalS have led to a surge in the number of connected devices urban centres stations and airports. Such as buildings outstanding Wi-Fi networks has become a top priority for the companies. before the Wi-Fi can be monetised as a host of challenges to be addressed,Such as ensuring high density access,  uninterrupted network access while roaming, and simplifying access of authentication.

To meet the requirements of densely populated areas we have to adopt  ACT consist as Wi-Fi 6 solution. Generally This solution consists of any Wi-Fi network, a network management centre and a platform for operations.

Huawei Wi-Fi 6 Atria Convergence Technologies(ACT) as-built Wi-Fi hotspots design for high-density environments such as shopping malls, stations, and airports. Enterprises and residents get to enjoy is superior Wi-Fi experiences, while the overall operation quality and efficiency of  cities improved.

 ACT,  is the largest service provider in South India,  provides services in 5 states that our Karnataka Andhra Pradesh Telangana Tamil Nadu and Delhi. ACT brings state of the art services including fibernet, digital TV, high definition TV and having more than 2 million satisfied customers in the country.

ACT  wants to  transform company provides enterprise access and hotspot services as the company grows its internet access provider business. And also Wi-Fi hotspot services have become one of the companies most popular offerings.

ACT had expressed its plans to develop urban Wi-Fi Sports featuring comprehensive in outstanding informatization capabilities. with this ACT there is a solid foundation to drive innovation in cities, and improving their overall strength and competitiveness.

ACT also says the company is committed to bringing one-stop information services to governments enterprises households and individuals while building a high-quality business and living environment for customers. 

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