Things You should visit surely Being in Sri Lanka

Are you planning to visit Sri Lanka? We got you some of the things that you should not miss and definitely try while being in Sri Lanka. Most important is dig deep into the culture and really experience the laidback Sri Lankan Lifestyle. The local people of Sri Lanka are happy to host travelers on their island of serendipity, in spite of all hardship they have endured.

1. Climb to the top of Sigiriya

In the middle of the dry Sri Lanka forest in the central province, Sigiriya is the rock outcrop is situated. On top of the rock are the remains of the ancient fortress. There are gardens and pools decorating the base around the rock, leading visitors to a set of stone stairs that reach a plateau where a lion’s paw open up to another metal staircase to climb all the way up to the fortress.

2. Ayurvedic Experience

Sri Lanka and India are excellent in natural medicine called Ayurveda. In the highlands of Sri Lanka, there is an Ayurvedic paradise called Santani with Aromatherapy, herbal remedies, and oil massage are all part of healing process.

3. Visit Tea plantation

The Central Highlands of the island of Sri Lanka are called Tea country. Tea plantation are also spotted with beautiful waterfalls and a group of women plucking leaves. The best way is to stay overnight in boutique hotels like Ceylon Tea Trails.

4. Ride the train in the hill country

The train ride through the hill country in Sri Lanka is one of those memorable rides that a traveler cannot forget throughout his life. Up and down mountains, through plenty of tunnels, in between ancient eucalyptus trees and through the mist. The train ride to Nuwara Eliya is one nobody should miss and be mindful of the open doors!


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