World’s Largest Flower Spotted in Indonesia

The biggest flowering plant in the world is named ‘Rafflesia’. It is a type of parasitic flowering plant. It is the giant bright red flower reeking of rotten flesh that has fleshy petals with the white blister-like spot. Rafflesia tuan-mundae has recently been found in Indonesia measuring as big as three feet across (111 cm)and Indonesian conservationists say that this is the biggest to have ever been documented.

Rafflesia was named after a British colonialist Sir Stamford Raffles who spotted one in Indonesia in the early 19th century. The enormous flower was spotted in its biggest bloom in the forest of a nature reserve in Marambuang Nagaria Barini village in west Sumatra, Indonesia. According to the report, the flower has bloom will only last about one week before it will wither and rot. And it has broken the record of the 107 cm bloom also found in the forests of West Sumatra several years ago.

Ade Putra, from the Indonesia conservation board, said that “For this type of species, the diameter is quite large”. According to him based on scientific records and documentation, the diameter size found last month, is the largest for 31 types of Rafflesia flowers in the world.

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