Apple sues security vendor

Its legal fight taking with iOS virtualization vendor Corellium to a new level, Apple is suing the company for allegedly trafficking under the DMCA copyright act in the US.

In the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida with a new lawsuit filed comes after the iPhone maker initially sued Corellium for copyright infringement in August, alleging that the company’s virtualization of iOS was violating Apple’s ownership of the code, The Verge reported on Friday.

as the case expands, Apple’s revised complaint alleges that “Corellium’s business is based entirely on commercializing the illegal replication of the copyrighted operating system and applications that run on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices” and also it was added that, “Corellium simply copies everything: the code, the graphical user interface, the icons – all of it, in exacting detail…providing its users with the tools to do the same”.

The complaint by Apple shows that the product Corellium offers is a virtual version of Apple mobile hardware products, accessible to anyone with the web browser.

In a statement after the filing, Corellium said it is “deeply disappointed by Apple’s persistent demonization of jailbreaking.”

Jailbreaking an iPhone lets people let people customize their iOS devices and run unsupported apps.

“Apple is using this case as a trial balloon in a new angle to crackdown on jailbreaking,” said Corellium CEO Amanda Gorton.

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