5 Mobile Application For Productivity And Focus

This is the time where you have utilized everything that you can. You all must have smartphones with you, you must be spending most of the time with your smartphone. So why not to use this habit in such a manner to do your daily work easy. In this article, we gonna introduce 5 mobile applications which will help you to focus on your work and make it more productive.

1 – HabitHub – Habit Tracker and Goal Tracker

Don’t let distractions to get you down. Start new habits and stick to your goals with the help of personalized trackers and reminders. Visualize your progress and pattern. Check your stats at regular intervals so that you can maintain your performance.

2 – Microsoft To-Do: List, Task & Reminder

This is one of the smart and beautiful to-do list and reminder application on play store. This app makes organization intuitive, so you can focus on getting stuff done. Add notes to tasks, and easily find what you need by searching for your tasks.

3 – Forest: Stay Focused

This application is developed so that you cannot be distracted from your goal. Fill your virtual forest with cedars or premium species like banana and cacti. Stay focused with this endearing, forest growing take o the promodoro technique.

4 – Boosted – Productivity and Time Tracker

The best way to improve your productivity is by tracking how you spend your time. See time spent per activity in a color-coded calendar view, plus reports revealing how many projects you are tackling in a given time period and more.

5 – Trello – Organize anything with anyone, anywhere!

This application will help you to plan and manage personal and team projects with a visual representation of your workflow. Cards represent tasks and are wonderfully flexible to work.

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