Chicken Bhuna Kadhai Masala

Whip up one of our quick chicken recipes in under 30 minutes for a handy midweek meal.

Note – Any Dish Prepared in an Indian wok using Kadhai Masala would me name after it like Kadhai Paneer, Kadhai Mushroom.

Preparation time- 10min
Cooking time- 20min
Total – 30min

Serving- 4 Portion

-Chicken. 600gm
-Onion. 2no.
-Garlic. 50gm
-Tomato. 150gm
-Yoghurt. 100gm
-Ginger 30gm
-Dried Red Chilli. 2no
-Green Red Chilli. 4no.
-Cumin seeds. 10gm
-Cinnamon stick. 1p
-Salt. T.T
-Garam Masala. 2Tbs
-Coriander powder. 3tbs
-Red Chilli Powder. 1tbs
-Coriander Leaf. A Bunch – Mustered Oil 200gm

• Use Hybrid Tomato and fresh Tomatoes to enhance the Taste ( Hybrid Tomato doesn’t have much Sour flavour )
• Use Desi Ghee instead of mustard oil to Build more Enriched Gravy (optional).

So Chicken lovers lets start with the Cooking :

Step 1) Take a Bowl to pour some water and add the Powdered spices in it. Allow it to soak water, keep it aside.

Take a pan dry roast the whole spices and Make a paste along with Ginger, Garlic, onion using a mixer grinder.

Step 2) In a Kadhai heat oil and put the thoroughly washed chicken and saute it nicely until it becomes light brown from pinkish.

Step 3) As soon as it starts losing its water add the Paste and saute it with medium flame for 5-6 min or until the garlic smells vanishes.

Step 4) After few seconds add the chopped tomatoes stir it and cover the Kadhai for 8-10 min in mid: low flame it helps to extract all the juice from tomato.

Step 5) Then add the spices paste and saute it in medium flame for another 5 min. Make sure the spices cooked nicely. Now put the flame at a low level and add the whisked Curd, some chopped coriander leaves plus green chillies.

Step 6) Once the chicken is cooked put the powdered Garam Masala(if required) Coriander leaf and serve it hot with an accompaniment like Lachha paratha, Tawa Roti, Boiled Rice.

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