Potato Chilli (Indo-Chinese Dish)

[Indo – Chinese dish ] a popular Indian street food recipe that is prepared with potato wedges and spicy Asian sauce.

It is typically consumed served for an appetizer or snacks but can also be served as a side dish to fried rice or even noodles recipe.

Traditionally all the Chinese Dishes are prepared in Chinese wok (Chinese kitchen instrument), But we can use Kadhai or a Frying Pan.

– Food color is also used to bring the deep red color, avoid that as well and just stick on to the best quality chili powder or paprika for vibrant color.
– For making Dry Potato chili avoid adding  Cornstarch slurry at the final step.

Cutting- 5 min
Soaking-  30 min
Boiling- 10 min
Prepration Time-  10 min
Total- 55 min

SERVING-  4 portion

Potato.                                            250gm
Capsicum (diamond cut).            2no.
Onions (wedges cut).                   2no.
Green chilies (slices).                  5no.
Garlic (slices).                               15gm
Ginger (slices).                              10gm                                           
Soya sauce.                                   3Tbs           
Tomato sauce.                              15ml
Red chili sauce.                             10ml
Vinegar.                                          3Tbs
Cornstarch.                                    15gm
Red chili powder.                           2Tbs
Salt.                                                 4Tbs
Pepper powder.                              2Tbs
Oil (Deep frying).                            240ml
Spring onion (Garnish).                10gm

So Foodies let’s start with the preparation:

Step I) Wash the Potatoes, pill it and cut into wedges or into a cube shape. then soak them in water for 15 min after done allow Potatoes to boil till 80 %.

Step 2)  Marinate it with salt, cornflour, white pepper, red chilly powder, and deep fry it till it becomes light brown.

Step 3) Take a pan heat oil and start adding Garlic, Ginger, Capsicum, Onions, Green chilies saute it for 2 minutes then after a while add the Deep fry Potatoes and saute.

Step 4) Then add some water to make Gravy add Soya sauce, vinegar, Tomato sauce, Red chili sauce and seasoning as required. Make cornstarch slurry (By adding water) and put in the pan on high heat.
Let the gravy get thick as required.

Step 5) Take out in a bowl and serve hot, with an accompaniment like Noodles, Pasta, Fried Rice, etc.

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